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Medicine for Hiv in India

Are there Medicines for HIV in India? What is the Best HIV Medicine in India? Is there even a HIV medicine in India?

Medicine for Hiv in India

Traditional with Technology

If you ever pondered upon these questions, we have the answers for you. For thousands of years Siddhars have treated people with such diseases in the form of Siddha medicine. We have inculcated this practice into Malivel Siddha Clinic with a twist. Incorporating modern technology and lab diagnosis with traditional Siddha Medicine.

Here’s an interesting fact about Medicine for HIV in India. We have had the Best HIV medicine in India longer than our modern medicine has been around and the fact that modern medicine is just catching up says a lot a lot about Siddha and the validity of HIV medicine in India.

Best Hiv Medicine in India

Contact us or write us an email and we’ll get our Siddha doctors speaking to you at the earliest. Your health is our asset and the future of this nation.

Unfortunately however when it comes to HIV, it takes 3 months to diagnose. From rashes to headaches, fever and weight loss, mouth sores and vomiting, are just some of the symptoms for HIV. The human immunodeficiency virus is the robber of happiness, peace of mind and marriages amongst millions of Indians. After diagnosis, you may wonder what is the next step? Next step is for you to find the Best HIV medicine in India. Look no further because you have already found it here at Malivel Siddha Clinic.

Our HIV medicine in India is undertaken in 2 stages. The first stage takes up to 40 days. The second stage takes up to 6 months. This is inclusive of dietary counsel along with Siddha medicine and consultation from our Siddha doctors. Medicine for HIV in India may be uncommon, but in Siddha we assure you coming back healthier than ever with our treatment and prognosis to get rid of HIV!

Best Hiv Medicine in India