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In this modern world due to changing life style, it has been found out that infertility is caused in maximum number of males. Tension & pressure is also the major reasons.


  • Age factor (above 40): This is caused due to reduced level of testosterone in blood. Interest towards sex decreases
  • This is also caused due to increased level of prolactin in blood
  • Hypertension, ulcer, mental disorders
  • Can also be caused due to diabetics
  • Mumps & typhoid are also the major reasons


  • Discharge of seminal fluid in urine & during sleep
  • Retardation of sexual organs
  • Reduced reproduction of sperms
  • Varicose
  • Immobility of sperm
  • Quick and easy discharge of sperm during sexual intercourse

Apart from this symptom this may also caused due to following reasons

  • Having sexual contact with elderly persons
  • Having sexual contact with many partners