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It appears that the Siddha medical system has always been concerned with combating diseases like HIV/AIDS. Siddha practitioners who have attracted the state government's attention and been successful in marketing herbal remedies like Nilavembu Kudineer, Adathoda extract, and papaya leaf juice to successfully combat viral diseases like dengue, hope to see their traditional remedies incorporated in the procedure for treating HIV/AIDS soon. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Siddha medicines are both economically feasible and effective at raising the CD 4 count in HIV/AIDS patients.

There are approximately 4,448 illnesses listed and discussed in Siddha literature. HIV/AIDS was classified as a Mega Vettai or Vettai Pramegam sickness even many centuries earlier. In-depth discussions were held regarding the signs and symptoms, underlying causes, and treatment. This expression, which is only used by Siddhars, alludes to a number of bodily and genital problems. Although initially connected to "heat," it eventually has an impact on all seven body elements (Udal Thathukkal), including Vatham, Pittham, and Kabam.

In essence, this lethal illness weakens the body's defence system, leading to the failure of several organs. Not everyone may be harmed by the TB virus. On the other side, people who have TB could develop HIV/AIDS. About 4,000 years ago, Siddha developed Kayakalpam to strengthen the body's defence system. There are also effective Siddha formulations that can boost immunity and improve antiviral defences. These drugs provide a higher standard of living and extend the sick person's life by 10 to 15 years.

Siddha has proven to be able to have an antiviral impact, lower viral load, and guarantee that the patient leads a normal life. Advising people on what to eat is analogous to promoting Siddha. Following the conclusion of the clinical trials, we can think about authorising this. For instance, Nilavembu Kudineer finished 15 clinical trials before receiving significant promotion. Of course, a healthy diet can increase CD4 numbers.