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Herpes Simplex Virus ( HSV )

This is spread by HERPES SYMPLEX virus. HSV 1 & HSV 2 are the two types of viruses. This is spread through illegal sexual intercourse & lack of personal hygiene. This virus affects mouth, tongue, nose and especially the reproductive organ.


The person who is affected with HERPES PROGENETALIS shows the following symptoms.

  • Swellings with irritation and pain
  • Rashes and wounds in reproductive organs
  • Irritation and pain while passing urine
  • Headache, rise in body temperature and constipation
  • Severe ache in abdomen
  • Itching in several parts of the body and skin rashes occur



Blood test named HSV 1&2(IgG IgM) is done and further treatment is done to destroy the virus spread completely.

After the HSV 1&2 test, if one is positive or both are positive, the patients are advised to undergo treatment and their reports are provided from the labs to which the patients are comfortable with.

Also the patients are seriously advised to continue the treatment till the HSV 1&2(IgG IgM) are completely negative.