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About Us

Our History

About 125 years ago doctor Thiru.A.Kesavakon had been doing Tamil Medicine of Siddha medical service during the period of king. He had dedicated his life to siddha that is while he was called "RAJAVAITHIYER". After his death his son Thiru. K.Malaiappakon had been doing full time siddha medical service to poor people. He followed his father’s method of service which inscribed in palm leaf, that is kattu, kalangu and others. Moreover, he had cured UN curable diseases by very rare medicine. Which are unknowns to others.

Dr.Thiru.A.Malaiappakon was preparing medicine. I (Mr.Ganapathi) associated with him. I had notified the variety of medical plants, leaf, stem, root and others. How to prepare, way of measurement, An umanam and curing of all diseases.


After the death of my father, I have been doing siddha medical service with established advanced technology. I got Government registration for my service. Now our hereditary siddha medical service, stands as a charitable trust not only for medical service but also to spread importance of our siddha medical service to all over the Tamil Nadu.

Patients are advised to take blood test with proper intervals, so that improvement of the patients can be observed by themselves.

Siddha Medicine For HIV/AIDS

During the period of my father, he has been giving medical service to HIV/AIDS patients. By this medicine, many of the persons has been living healthy, who was treated by advance scientific method. Above that, I’m (Ganapathi) have prepare mixed medicine for curing HIV/AIDS disease in 1993. On this year I have been registered by govt and doing best siddha service to all the people.


What is HIV/AIDS

AIDS is caused by virus called HIV. The virus in the blood multiplies many times faster than any other virus and progressively destroys T-cells which fight infections. Thus the define mechanism is totally paralysed.

Our prime organs, Brain, Liver, ball bladder, Kidney, Heart and others getting deteriorated day by day which read to all diseases and end in death.

Signs and Symptoms:

Minor Signs :

  • Persistent cough for longer than one month
  • General itchy dermatitis (Skin irritation)
  • Recurrent Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
  • Or pharyngeal Candidiasis (fungus infection in mouth/throat)
  • Chronic progressive and disseminated herpes simplex infections
  • General Lymphadenopathy (Swelling of lymph glands)

Major signs :

  • Weight loss greater than 10% the body weight
  • Fever longer than one month
  • Chronic diarrhoea for longer than one month

Siddha Medicine Activity

We have testing lab to detect HIV infection, Immune power (CD4) and the stage of viral load by method of ELISA test and western blot.

There are three stages of HIV-AIDS infected patients

  • First Stage
  • Second Stage
  • Third Stage

In this the patients who have

Affected by first and second stage can be cured and rescued, but the patient who has affected by third stage cannot be rescued for that there is no medicine in the world.

The patients who approach us with first or second stage, we provide 6 days medicine following that he/she is asked to follow strict food habit. Till then, The virus infection is destroyed nearly 90% to 100% . In addition to that we prescribe medicine for additional two or three month, for that they can increase the immune power and healthy. If the patient follow our prescription he/she can be reduced infection and increase the cd4, he/she can do regular action without any tired and irritation. He could live for many years.

Associates Complaints

When the patient is taking medicine, he may affect by body irritation, mouth sore, body tired, urine irritation and swelling in hand, leg and knee, for that problems we prescribe additional medicine.

We should not ill-treat, person who affects by HIV/AIDS.

When we touch them, wearing their dress, sharing the food, it should not spread to anybody. Thus, we move with HIV/AIDS patient with cheerful and tret like human being.

Other Service

Above that, we cure other diseases like neck pain, back pain, hip pain, psoriasis, asthma, nose block, headache, kidney stone, gall bladder stone inapposite, anemia, increase the weight, decrease the weight and others