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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS )

This human immune deficiency is spread through the sexual intercourse with more than 1 person. This depletes the immunity power in humans and leads to death.


  • Illegal relationships
  • Using drugs and drug injection
  • Blood transfusion
  • Homosexuality
  • Spread to wife through HIV affected husband


  • Fever, headache, Blurred vision
  • Continuous cough shows indication of T.B.
  • Stomach ache with diarrhea
  • Jaundice
  • Loss of appetite with vomiting sensation
  • Itching in reproductive organ
  • Loss of weight, tiredness.
  • Itching all over the body


The person affected with HIV can’t be diagnosed for 3 months (Window Period). It can be diagnosed by :

  • CD 4 CD 8 COUNT indicates accurate effect of the disease


AIDS-HIV POSITIVE patients while getting treatment in this hospital, should get a HIV VIRAL LOAD & CD 4 CD 8 test report from any of the blood testing centers. Within 30 days of treatment the outer symptoms will be cured. Once in 2 months, by HIV VIRAL LOAD TEST, patient can feel the improvement by the death of AIDS _ HIV viruses. Patients are advised to continue the treatment till the HIV VIRUS completely Negative.



First Stage

To Be Taken For 20 Days

This 20 days medicines will work for 40 days in the body food control(dietary control) is to be observed during the period of taking the medicine this medicines will work in the body and completely distracts and remove the HIV virus from the body DNA and RNA cells are functioning in the body. This medicine will remove the HIV virus completely from these cells HIV virus gets logged in important body parts like, blood, lymph nodes and bone marrow.

This medicine completely remove the HIV virus and gets out of the body through urine, stools and small bubbles from the body laboratory tests are to be taken, before taking the treatment and again lab test has to be taken soon after completely taking the prescribed medicine you yourself will see the difference in the reduction of HIV virus from your body.


Second Stage

Medicines taken in the second stage will increase the immunity power in the body and improve / sustain the overall health status in the body. The medicines are to be taken within a period of four to six months during this period, laboratory test to be taken once in three months, which will show you the level of increase of immunity power in your body. Once the medicines are taken, as per the prescribed period, you are completely come out of HIV virus and lead a comfortable,happy and healthy life!!!

You Take Test Report :

  • Before 20 Days Medicine HIV - PCR Viral Load And CD4
  • After 20 days medicine HIV - PCR viral load (decrease the virus)
  • After three months you take HIV - PCR Viral Load and CD4 (again decrease the virus and increase the CD4)
  • After six months you take HIV - PCR Viral Load and CD4 (viral load nil report (negative) and increase the CD4)
  • After nine months you take HIV - PCR Viral Load and CD4 (viral load nil report (negative) and increase the CD4)
  • After twelve months you take HIV - PCR Viral Load and CD4 (viral load nil report (negative) and increase the CD4)

Within one year all virus destroyed in your body and blood test show in HIV Negative.


Gonorrhea & Syphilis comes under this category.


  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • From the affected mother to the child
  • Homosexuality
  • Through blood transfusion
  • Sexual intercourse


To these kinds of patients, VDRL & TPHA test is done and according to the seriousness of the disease, treatment is given.

VDRL & TPHA POSITIVE patients lose the chance to go to foreign countries. So to cure this kind of VDRL disease treatment is very important. When getting treatment for VDRL reactive & TPHA Positive, patients should get a report of their own for VDRL & TPHA from any of the blood test centers they are familiar with.

Within 15 days of treatment external symptoms gets cured. From 2 months of treatment the patients can feel the difference of disease getting cured by VDRL & TPHA methods. During the final stages of treatment the patient can get a report from other labs too & know about his VDRL-NON-REACTIVE TPHA-NEGATIVE results.