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About Us

Our History

About 125 years ago doctor Thiru.A.Kesavakon had been doing Tamil Medicine of Siddha medical service during the period of king. He had dedicated his life to siddha and was called as "RAJAVAITHIYER". After his death his son Thiru. K.Malaiappakon had been doing full time siddha medical service to poor people. He followed his father’s method of service which was inscribed in palm leaf, that is kattu, kalangu and others. Moreover, he used very rare medicines for treatment, Which are unknowns to others.

Dr.Thiru.A.Malaiappakon was preparing medicine. I (Mr.Ganapathi) associated with him. I notified the variety of medical plants, leaf, stem, root and others. Also learnt How to prepare, the way of measurement, and umanam to treat all diseases.


After the death of my father, I have been doing siddha medical service with established advanced technology. I got Government registration for my service. Now our hereditary siddha medical service, stands as a charitable trust not only for medical service but also to spread the importance of siddha medical service to all over the people of Tamil Nadu.

Patients are advised to take blood test with proper intervals, so that improvement of the patients can be observed by themselves.